Air suspension compressor for FORD EXPEDITION 07-17 7L1Z5319AE

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Parts OE NO. : 7L1Z5319AE

Fits FORD Expedition (2007 – 2017)



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Air suspension compressor for FORD EXPEDITION 07-17 7L1Z5319AE

Company Introduction

Since 2004

Over the last 20 years yitao has developed into a leading international designer and manufacturer of air spring and air suspension products. yitao started in a small rubber workshop, has opened the way to be a prestigious brand by spreading throughout 6 continents today. During this 20 years experience, we have only focused on our work on which we have specialized in air spring production and services.
Nowadays, Yitao has been exporting to more than 100 countries through 6 continents. It can operate flawlessly in any road and climate conditions (-40/+70° degrees). Yitao has the widest product range in the world with more than 1000 different types of air springs , hundreds types of air suspension shock and air compressors which are produced. Yitao can meet any demand and exceed all expectations with its extensive experience, high technology, skilled workforce and commitment to its partners.
* Personnel : 360
* Engineers : 40
* Equipment : 100 sets
* Company area : 30000 sq meter
* Subsidiary area : 110000 sq meter
Strong productivity to ensure delivery!
OEM available!

Product Line




                  Automatic Cord Cutting Machine




                   Rubber Product Workshop

                   Corrosion Test                                                          Leaking Test                                                        Temperature Test


Cross Reference

Air Suspension Shock Absorber
A2303200438 A2303200338 A2303208613 A2303208513 2303200213 2303204138 2303200213 2303204138 2303206713 2303208513
A2513201931 2513203013 2513202231 2513200730 2513200730 2513203113 2513200425
A1643201204 A1643200731 1643206013 1643204513 1643205813 1643206113 1643202031 1643202431 1643200130 1643200130
W220(4 Matic)
A2203202238 A2203202138
2203202438 2203205013
W221(4 Matic)
A2213200438 A2213200538
A2213205613 A2213205513
A2113206113 A2113206013 2113209513 2113201938 2113209613 2113202038 2113209313 2113205338 2113205538 2113209413 2113208413
2113205638 2113205438 2113205613
Air Suspension Shock Absorber
37126791675 37126791676
E66(with ADS)
37126785535 37126785536
E65 E66
37126785537 37126785538
E53 X5
37116757501 37116757502 37116761443 37116761444
Air Shock Absorber
RNB000740G RNB000750G L2012885
LR019993 LR023234 LR023235 Lr032652 LR020001
Discovery 3
RNB501580 RTD501090 RNB501180 LR018398 RNB000858 RNB501610 RNB501220 RNB501480 RDP500433 RDP500434 RDP000308 RDP000309 RDP500880
A6 4F C6
4F0616039AA 4F0616040AA
Q7 (Front)
7L6616039D 7L6 616 040D
Q7 (Rear)
7L5616019D 7L5616020D
7P6616039N 7P6616040N
A8 D3
4E0616039AF 4E0616040AF 4E06166001E 4E0616002E
A8 D4
4H0616039AD 4H0616039H 4H0616039AK 4H0616039T 4H0616039AJ 4H0616039AB 4H0616039AE 4G0616039AA 4H0616040AD 4H0616039H 3Y5616039C
4H0616040AB 4H0616040AK 4H0616040T 4H0616040AJ 4H0616040AE 4G0616040AA 4H6616001F 3Y5616040C 4H6616001G 4H6616001M 4H6616001C
4H0616001N 4H6616002F 4H6616002G 4H0616002M 4H0616002C 4H0616002N
3D0616039D 3D0616040D 3D0616001J 3D0616002J 3D0616039H 3D0616039L 3D0616039 3D5616039 3D7616039 3W0616039 3D0616040L 3D0616040M
3D0616040N 3D0616040T 3W8616040E 3D0616001 3W5616001a 3D0616001F 3D0616001G 3D0616001H 3D0616001K 3D0616002 3W5616002a 3D0616002F

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