Warm congratulations to Guangzhou Yitao Qianchao achieve the “high-tech enterprises” identification

On May 3, Guangzhou Yitao Qianchao Company obtained the “High-tech Enterprise Certificate” jointly issued by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Guangdong Provincial Finance Department, the Guangdong Provincial State Administration of Taxation and the Guangdong Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, marking the company’s identification as a high-tech enterprise the first time in 2014, now recognized as a high-tech enterprise once again.

High-tech enterprises refer to the resident enterprises that continuously carry out research and development and the transformation of technological achievements within the scope of the ” High-tech areas supported by the state” promulgated by the State, and form the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out business activities on this basis, are knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive economic entities. The identification of high-tech enterprises has strict standards and requirements, including enterprises should have core independent intellectual property rights, strong ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, strong research and development organization management level and better growth. The company’s planning department began to declare work from the May of last year, with the attention and support of the company’s leadership, with the cooperation of the Personnel department, technical department, financial department and other departments,  and spending 5 months to sort out the materials and declarations, finally pass through the National Torch Center’s audit and acceptance, successfully obtained the “high-tech enterprise certificate.”

This high-tech enterprise identified successfully once again, is the company affirmation to respect talent, attach importance to research and development work in recent years. High-tech enterprises can not only allow enterprises to enjoy tax incentives, access to more national technical and policy support, but also can greatly enhance the company’s popularity and reputation.

The company will focus on the development ideas of “According quality to win thousands of miles, rely on technology to lead the future” in the future, further increase scientific research investment, introduce of scientific research personnel, pay attention to industrial, academic and research cooperation, and promote the construction of national-level laboratories. In the air spring, electronic shock absorber, electronic air compressor and air suspension control system and other products research and development projects carry on multi-directional cooperation and in-depth research, to further enhance the scientific and technological content of products, improve product quality, better serve customers, promote air shock absorber products comprehensive application in the high and low-grade vehicles.


Post time: May-02-2018